Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Summer Rainbow!

Hey, guys! 

Here's my latest summer find.  I took advantage of a sale at J Crew's website a few weeks ago and ordered a handful of t-shirts to spruce up my summer looks, and finally got all but one of them yesterday.  The delivery date wound up conflicting with our vacation last week, so I had to put the box on hold and went and picked it up yesterday.  The last time I had to find the distribution center was years ago and it felt really complicated.  I also got very, very lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood last time.  That must have been before I had a smartphone with navigation, because I found the place no problem yesterday and they were super nice about finding my box.

Some of the colors are a little outside of my normal comfort range (Anyone else a redhead with color hang-ups?) but they are sooooo summery that I couldn't resist.  After all, it's good to push your boundaries, right?  They'll work now with shorts, capris, the cute denim skirt I picked up at Old Navy, and even jeans if it's not too hot.  Plus, when school starts back up I can pair them with slacks and skirts for the first few weeks while it's still summery weather.  We certainly have that in spades around here!

I'm a little nervous about the pink and the orange, although I especially love the "ballet" cut of the orange top.  They both have a special tag saying not to wear them with light colored clothing because of the dye used, so the next step is to decide if I can get away with a black bra underneath or if I'll have to risk tie-dying one in a lighter color! 

Stay cool if you're having summery weather, too.  I'm off to walk Big Boy before it gets too hot out.  (Our little dog, Trouble, is NOT a morning dog so she gets to sleep in her crate while we walk!)


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