Thursday, June 13, 2013

Second-Hand Haul!

I had some appointments to keep today across town and took advantage of this by hitting up one of my favorite second-hand stores nearby when I was done.  It's always like a treasure hunt to step inside one of these stores!  I love searching the racks for my favorite labels and looking for one-of-a-kind pieces.  It's also a great way to stretch my clothing budget.  I spent a grand total of $20 today and a portion of my purchase goes to helping a children's charity, too. 

These are my summer finds.  The brown dress is Calvin Klein and has cute puffed sleeves.  The cloth belt is very wrinkly.  I'll either need to starch it or maybe wear the dress with a sturdier belt.  The patterned skirt hits at knee-length and is from the Gap.  I don't normally wear a lot of capri pants- they usually seem to hit at awkward places on my legs- but I really like these.  They're also Gap and super soft.  The fit is tailored through the hips with great wide legs that look elegant enough to wear to work with a nice pair of heels.  The cropped jacket is Banana Republic.  I love the  retro cut and the nubby fabric.  So cute!  The skirt and jacket both look brand new although they don't have tags.

Even though it's almost too hot to look at them, I also snatched up two great tweed pieces for winter. In a thrift store everything is one-of-a-kind so you have to act fast or it will be gone! They don't match each other but will make great additions to mix-and-match outfits later in the year.  The jacket is American Eagle and looks brand new.  (The back flap was still stitched shut.)  It's very nicely tailored and roomy enough to wear over a sweater when it's cold.  It's unlined but has cute plaid piping throughout the inside.  The pants are H&M, with a great matching belt.  They're wide-legged and long enough to wear with boots for a stylish winter look.  They're lined only down to the knee.  My new classroom opens to the outside, so they will be great and snuggly during chilly passing periods come winter weather. 

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