Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Here's the second edition of What I Ate Wednesday:

Breakfast (6:30): Breakfast was half a whole wheat English muffin with about a teaspoon of light butter, four mini-muffin sized "breakfast muffins" (I got the idea from the Busy Girl, Healthy Life website) made of egg whites, cottage cheese, turkey bacon, and homemade whole wheat bread crumbs.  I also had a big mug of black coffee and a glass of water.

Lunch (12:30):  I'm especially proud of my lunch creation!  I was feeling hot, hungry, and uninspired at lunchtime.  After a LOT of digging through my fridge, I improvised the following Mediterranean- style flatbread pizza using the whole wheat Lavash bread I bought at Trader Joe's the other day.  I toasted the flatbread for a few minutes first to make sure the sauce didn't make it soggy, then added a quarter cup or so of jarred pizza sauce, half a cup of low-fat mozzarella, a few tablespoons of light feta, black olives, half a zucchini, half a cup of shredded chicken breast, half a green pepper, and a quarter cup of sweet onion.  I sautéed the onion and bell pepper while the "crust" was toasting with a little olive oil and oregano.  The whole thing was baked for 15 minutes to melt the cheese and heat everything else up.  I had a cup of berry flavored sparkling water on the side.

Afternoon snack (4 pm):  I had half a cup of red grapes and a small strawberry yogurt cup from Trader Joe's.  I stuck the grapes in the freezer for about 10 minutes first to make them extra cold and firm.  Also, I had another big cup of berry flavored sparkling water to go with.

Dinner: (7 pm)  I COMPLETELY spaced and forgot to take a picture of my dinner last night!  It's really a shame, too, since it was so pretty.  Dinner was homemade turkey burgers made with extra lean ground turkey, diced onion (I cheated and used my shaker can of dehydrated onion), and Cajun spices.  I had mine over a bed of mixed greens instead of on a bun.  Also, I made homemade sweet potato fries seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt. pepper, onion powder, and a few shreds of Parmesan cheese. Yum!!

What did you have yesterday?

Stay cool!


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