Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Welcome back for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday.  Yesterday I tracked throughout the day what I ate and recorded it below. 

Breakfast (7 am): I was craving something savory, so I constructed my healthier version of a breakfast sandwich: whole wheat English muffin, egg whites, low fat cheddar, and a turkey sausage patty. I also had a big glass of water and a mug of black Trader Joe's Organic/Fair Trade French Roast.  Yum!

Morning Snack (10 am): It seems like yogurt cups with toppings stored separately and then tilted on top are all the rage.   I actually had a coupon from Safeway to get a free one of these, so I gave it a whirl yesterday.  This was low fat vanilla yogurt (sweet yet tangy) with granola on top.  The granola was really good: sweet and crunchy with a surprising amount of coconut.  My hubby HATES coconut and would have despised it, but I thought it was a nice addition.

Lunch (12:30): Lunch was a salad.  Isn't it pretty?  :-)  I used about two cups of Trade Joe's Power to the Greens mix, topped with shredded carrot, diced red onion, sliced green bell pepper, a chopped hardboiled egg, and a tablespoon of Kraft Light Ranch.  On the Side I had six Trade Joes Pita Crackers (the whole wheat kind).  They were extra good dipped in the last of the Ranch dressing on my plate.

Dinner: (6:30): I made another recipe out of my new cookbook (see my cookbooks post) and it was really, really good.  This is the Mac 'n Cheese recipe from Busy Girl, Healthy Life.  It's got whole wheat elbow macaroni and sauce made with Swiss and Cheddar.  I added steamed broccoli and shredded chicken breast to make it a meal.  This is probably one of the better homemade mac 'n cheese recipes I've come across, although it would have been better if I hadn't burned the bread crumbs on top.  What can I say?  I was hungry and got impatient waiting for the top to brown in the oven so I wound up scorching it on the broil setting.  Oh well, it was still very good!

Evening Snack (8 pm): After dinner, I was still feeling kind of hungry, so I treated myself to 3 oz. of red wine (measured out in an espresso shot glass!) and two squares of chocolate with toasted almonds while we watched The X Files on Netflix.  I adore Dana Scully, and my husband always insists that Gillian Anderson is my celebrity twin.

What did you eat today?

Stay cool!


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