Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to Work Outfit #1

Hey guys!

So now that it's July, I'm starting to go through my work clothes to make sure that I'm ready for the fall.  I have a few new items to figure out what to do with and old favorites to check over for any wear and tear.  I don't have time to post a lot right now, since I am rushing off to a dentist appointment this morning- yuck! :-P

Here's one potential outfit for wearing to my school in the fall that integrates old and new:

You'll have to excuse the floor mannequin.  Hahahaha.  Like I said, I'm in a hurry! 

I just bought this skirt on the clearance rack at Target.  I love the color.  It's actually more peachy/ salmon colored than it looks in the picture.  I especially love the zipper detail at the waist. 

I'm thinking of pairing it with my new Anne Klein heeled sandals that I bought at the very end of  the last school year (my old black sandals completely fell to pieces on me!) and my birthday shirt from Express.  They send my a gift certificate every year for my birthday and I go pick something out.  I used to shop there all the time when I was in high school, but now I usually go once a year with that birthday gift card.  I especially love this year's pick.  The shirt is unbelievably flattering on.  I didn't even try on the other things I took into the dressing room it looked so nice! 

More back-to-work (school) outfits to come, hopefully minus the floor mannequin!

What do you wear to work?

Stay cool!


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