Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Back to Work Outfit #3

Hey guys!

So I'm still going through my work clothes and looking for ways to combine old and new items to make great work ensembles for when I go back to work in August.  Here is my latest creation:

What I'm wearing:
- navy/purple cotton scoop-neck sweater from Ann Taylor purchased at the Goodwill last month for a few dollars.  It looks brand new!
-Dark tan stretch cotton boot-leg slacks from Express purchased about five years ago.  Please forgive the wrinkles- they've been ignored in my closet since May!
-Ballet flats from Banana Republic.
-Necklace from Old Navy.
Great buckle detail on the slacks.
My amazing "mixed media" necklace.  I get compliments every single time I wear this.  And the best part?  I bought it on clearance at Old Navy for NINETY-ONE CENTS.  No, that is not a typo!

Black leather ballet flats from Banana Republic.  Their shoes are pretty pricy, at least with my limited budget, but I splurge on them when I can because no one makes more comfortable work shoes.  I own two pairs, these and some gorgeous black pumps, and they're both padded with memory foam.
What do you think?
Stay cool!

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