Monday, July 15, 2013

Grocery Store Haul!

Hey guys!

Going to the grocery store is one of my favorite things in the entire world.  I love it.  I didn't need too much for the upcoming week since we had some thing left over.  One of the hardest things about cooking for such a small household is trying to avoid buying too much food.  I hate wasting food, it makes me feel like a terrible person!

Here's what I bought for the week:

I got a bunch of radishes for salads, crimini (baby Portobello) mushrooms, baby carrots, haricots verts, tomatoes, a red pepper, a sweet onion, a red onion, and a package of butter lettuce.  There's still romaine left over from Cesar salad last week for additional salads.  I also got an avocado, which is technically a fruit, but seems like it should go here.
I bought organic raspberries (for desserts), bananas and organic blueberries (for breakfasts), and three lemons and a lime (for cooking).  There are still cherries and strawberries left over from last week for snacks.


I got spinach and chive linguine for a noodle recipe, whole wheat and flax seed tortillas for wraps, a frozen pie crust (for quiche), and pancake mix for my "cheat day" on Sunday.  There was still multigrain bread in the fridge, so I didn't get another loaf. 

I bought eggs, turkey bacon, a pound and a half of organic free range chicken breast, and half a pound of pepper turkey lunch meat.  There is still ground turkey and white fish in the freezer, cans of chicken and turkey in the pantry.  Also a can of crab that I'm going to use in a quiche that I'm going to attempt this week.   It sounds fun and different.
Cheese and garlic croutons (for salads, in moderation of course!), can of green chilies, a jar of pizza sauce, baking powder, low sodium organic chicken breast, organic black beans, a can of slicked black olives for pizza toppings, and a bottle of orange-flavored sparkling water.
What is on your menu for the week?
Stay cool!

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