Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last of the Back to Work Shopping... I Think!

Hey guys!

So I picked up two more things for back to work and one thing that's for going out at two different second hand stores over the weekend.  I think this will probably represent the last of my back to work shopping, except for boring stuff like pantyhose, since I didn't really need much.  I've scratched so many big ticket items off my wish list in the past year that I don't feel the need to buy a lot right now.  I'm even good on work shoes!


These two came from a newer thrift shop that I've been meaning to visit.  It actually supports the local Humane Society, which I think is awesome!  I've been wanting a black leather jacket for a long time by have always been stopped by the price.  I already have a faux brown leather aviator jacket that you'll see in a lot of OOTD shots as we cool off into fall and a gorgeous teal suede knee length coat that I'm terrified of wearing, since it rains absolutely every time I leave the house in it!  The jacket is a size 10, although it feels smaller, from the Hugo Buscati Collection.
 Obviously the blue top isn't for work!  I bought it for going out.  It's sky blue 100% silk from J. Crew, size 8.  It's one of the tiniest size 8 pieces I've ever come across- my 34C boobs hardly fit inside!  The one downside is that it's super wrinkly.  I tried ironing it before taking the picture, but I think it's going to need to be professionally cleaned and pressed before it's presentable.

The jacket is in great shape.  It's one of the most expensive things I've ever bought second hand- $18!  I love it's juxtaposition of edginess, from the leather, and classiness, from the blazer cut.  I can see myself pairing this with a lot of work looks for a little edge and polish, dressing it down with jeans like I'm doing here, or wearing it out over a silky top- actually it would look great with the blue silk number I bought at the same time! The leather is kind of stiff; I think I need to get some of that leather conditioning stuff. 
The graphic print, high waist dress is from my local Goodwill.  It's a size six from En Focus Studio.  It looks like it's never been worn before.  I liked the print and the red accents.  The skirt is sort of bell shaped on. 
I am going to go ahead and post this now and follow up with a second post later with some outfit ideas for the dress.
Stay cool!


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