Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lipstick Mania!

Hey guys!

So I bought two new lipsticks the other day, bringing my lipstick collection to a grand total of four.  Despite the small number (I'm very picky and tend to pass along a lot of rejected lipsticks to my mom, sister, and baby cousin) I really love lipstick. 

I think that my unusual coloring makes it difficult to find good lipsticks for me.  I naturally have auburn (dark red) hair, although I brighten it up with strawberry blond highlights at the salon, paired with freckles, green eyes, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, and paler skin that is still significantly darker than my dad's or my sister's.  They are both also red heads, but with much more classic redhead coloring: very fair with tons of pale freckles, blond eyebrows and eyelashes, and blue eyes.  I look more like a combination of my dad's coloring and my mom's; she's actually quite dark. 

I don't wear lipstick to work, favoring all-day long lasting lip color from a tube instead, since I simply don't have time during my busy day to reapply lipstick.  However, there's something so much more sensual about lipstick, that I wear it pretty much any time that I'm not at work.  I strongly believe that if you have one good neutral for everyday and one amazing red for special occasions that you're prepared for anything.  Right now, I have three neutrals that I'm deciding between and one red. 

From left to right:
-The Body Shop #56- I can't find a name on this one.  It's the coolest shade that I own, sort of a mauve, and very, very matte without any sparkles or sheen.  I would call this a very basic, everyday lipstick.  It matches my natural lip color pretty closely and just evens it out a bit.  I like the color and would wear it more often if it weren't for the very strong, waxy smell.

L'Oreal's Nature's Blush- This is one of my new lipsticks.  I've really been into L'Oreal's products lately, they seem to be really high quality across the board.  Although this shade is a little darker than what I normally wear, it's a really fantastic mix of tan and pink that is neither to cool nor to warm on me. 

Revlon's Blushing Nude-  I've used this one off and on for years!  It's pretty pink and yet goes really well with my unusual coloring.  There's enough of a neutral shade to it to balance out the pink tones.

L'Oreal's True Red-  My other new lipstick.  I've read that red lipsticks have either blue or orange undertones, and this is probably the first red lipstick I've found that doesn't look shock-orange on me, so it must be a blue!  I can see wearing this color for special occasions: dinner out with my husband, reunions, family parties, etc.

What kinds of makeup have been hard for you to figure out?

Stay cool!



  1. I don't have many lipsticks either! Mainly because I am allergic to so many brands. I love finding new Summer colors though :)


    1. Oh no! Allergies are the worst. I have fairly sensitive skin, but no true allergies.

  2. Lovely colors you find !! Perfect for your summery looks !

    XX Luba

    Pairing peplum top with lace shorts and chic accessories in my look today


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