Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Power Outage Shopping Trip!

Hey guys,

So yesterday, the power at the house was out for several hours.  It started to get really warm without the air conditioner, so I decided that I trip to the mall was in order.  Nothing like a skinny pomegranate and berry Jamba Juice and someone else's air conditioner blasting to make a crummy afternoon better! 

I've been saving my Banana Republic rewards up for a while, and I knew that I was going to need to use them soon since they expired at the end of the month, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  After perusing the entire store (still lots of summery stuff when I'm already thinking back to school) I went through their clearance and came up with three great items to use in back to work outfits.  I was definitely looking more for accessories to pair with the big items I've bought in the last year: black 3-piece suit, trench coat, recycled wool winter coat, tropical wool LBD.   I guess I've bought a lot of stuff in the last several months, which is pretty unusual for me, but I really did need all of it since most of my big items before were the cheapest I could find fresh out of grad school and had started falling apart! 

I also managed to get so close to the amount of my rewards that I spent a grand total of $2.13!!  My smoothie cost more than that!


Teal cotton and silk cardigan with enameled buttons, size small.  My school has a pretty conservative dress code, including no shoulders, so I end up wearing a lot of cardigans over top of things like my shift dresses.  On clearance for $22.99, total price 73 cents.

Turquoise patent leather skinny belt, size small.  I've been loving this look and debating about what color belt to start with, but this was the only one on clearance so it made the color decision for me.  On clearance for $11.99, total price 38 cents.

Chunky gold and tan leather link bracelet.  On clearance for $26.99, total price 86 cents.

I guess I was in a green mood yesterday!  The belt and the cardigan are slightly too different to wear together, but they'll both fit nicely into my existing color schemes.  I wear a lot of neutrals, especially black and tan, and with work clothes I try to mostly stick to navy, with teal accents, and red, with plum accents, so that I can mix and match more easily. 

We also had a monster monsoon (summer storm) strike while I was at the mall.  I didn't even realize it, since I was so deep into the mall, until I started walking out.  I'd left the puppies outside, since it was so hot inside, and got completely drenched sprinting for my car to go rescue them.  When I pulled up, though, they were already safe inside with my hubby and the power was back on, too!  Which was good, I didn't really fancy having cold cereal for dinner by candlelight.

What did you do yesterday?

Stay cool!







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  1. Love Banana Republic! And that's awesome you got out of there with 3 things for $2!!

    The teal/turqouise colors are beautiful - great picks! :)


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