Monday, July 8, 2013

Rainy Weekend, Part 2

Hey guys!

Whoops!  I totally forgot to include two pictures in my previous post.  Here's what I wore:

Navy maxi dress with pleats bought at the end of last summer on clearance at Banana Republic.  It's actually an Extra Small, since the side of the top on the Small pouched out in an odd way on me.  The sandals are black leather flip flops, also from Banana Republic and bought at the same time.  The teal and blue beads were picked up for a few dollars at Target last winter. 

Also, I spent my weekly allowance the same day that I got it!  The restaurant we went to on Saturday night has a fun little gift shop that's always filled with a lot of really unique things.  I fell in love with the cream and tan colors on this scarf.  It looks like it was dip dyed long ways, with one end a very pale cream and the other end tan.  The tag says that it's a Charlie Paige Summer Pashmina.  It's all acrylic, but it's very soft and has a nice sheen to it.  I can see a lot of great work outfits with this, especially because of it's neutral colors.

Stay cool!


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