Thursday, July 18, 2013

What To Do With a Graphic Print Dress

Hey guys!

As promised, here's my follow-up post about my new graphic print dress and what I'm intending to do with it.  In part because of the colors, it's already a pretty bold statement, and the silhouette reminds me of the "baby doll" dresses that were popular when I was in junior high.  I played around with the dress quite a bit, in fact after this post I need to go put away every single piece of my wardrobe since it's flung all over my bed right now.  Here's what I came up with:

Idea #1:  Embrace it's girly-ness

Red buckle heels by Nine West, bought a few years ago when I was desperate for a pair of red shoes to go with a Halloween costume.  I rarely ware them because I can never quite decide how I feel about the buckles.  Super long strand of faux pearls from Ann Klein folded into thirds.

Idea #2: Play off of the girly look with edgier accessories

White Mountain slouchy black pleather boots.  They're completely lined with cute plaid fabric and are nice and toasty on chilly winter days.  Also, they keep my students scratching their heads over how I can wear dresses and skirts when it's super cold out.
Paired with my new leather jacket.  I actually didn't like this look as much as some of the others.  Too much black!  I might try the jacket with black pumps instead.
With my denim jacket, bought a million years ago at New York & Co.  I would roll the cuffs up a few times. 
My "math teacher necklace".  A very thoughtful gift from some of my very first students.  It creates a cool optical illusion since the big beads look like cubes from afar but are actually almost flat up close.  I always get compliments from students when I wear this!

Idea #3: Wear it like separates

Paired with my red short sleeved cardigan by Mossimo.  I like how the black bodice is visible here.

A slightly warmer but still summery black feather weight cashmere sweater from J Crew.  This is something I saved a long time for, and it was totally worth it!

Red wool ribbon trimmed sweater from Banana Republic.  Bought on clearance two Christmas' ago.  It's almost too long to wear with the dress, I had to leave the bottom few buttons undone to let the skirt drape properly.
Idea #4: Pair it with a statement scarf

The scarf was also a gift from students.  One of my students and his little sister gave it to me for my birthday this year.  (The PTSO told everyone when my birthday was and the kids love to make a big deal.  It's sweet and makes me feel very loved.)  It's a fantastic color and has a great burnout paisley pattern all over.  Paired with black patent and fabric kitten heels from Katie & Kelly.
As you can probably tell, I really liked the boots and my math teacher necklace with the dress. What do you think?  Any looks I should definitely go with?
Stay cool!

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