Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fashion Friday!

Hey guys!

So I was planning on posting a picture of my outfit from Thursday, when I was dressed up for the first day of school, but I went flying out of the house early and nervous without taking a picture, so here's what I wore for the SECOND day of school:


Odille white tailored blouse with mandarin collar and puffed sleeves.  Brown cotton pencil skirt with fun floral lining from the old Isaac Mizrahi line for Target (I MISS that!), lilac crinkle scarf from Mossimo, and nude Anne Klein heels.

After work, I went to Happy Hour with some friends from work.  It's a fairly small group out of the faculty and staff.  We joke and say we are the Cool Kids Table.  It's always fun to let of a little steam at the end of the week.  I had two slices of garlic bread and a raspberry tartini, which was very good.  Another girl had a blueberry mojito that was better, though, so we need to go back there again so I can have one! 

I have no big plans for the weekend, besides my usual chores and grocery shopping, but I do need to buy a few things for the school camping trip next week and my girls weekend in Vegas next weekend!

Stay cool!


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  1. Great scarf! Love the pop of purple :) And that raspberry tartini looks delicious! xx


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