Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Field Trip!

Hey guys!

Here are a few shots from my school's field trip to the mountains with the middle school students. 

We spent the day exploring and playing team building games.  I definitely got my cardio in!  It was very funny to check out what they showed up wearing for the trip- some kids had clearly never been camping before!  Happily enough they had enough volunteers that I didn't have to spend the night with the older kids- sounds scary! :)  .  We had a cookout for dinner which was loads of fun.  I had a veggie burger, salad, a handful of potato chips.  I will also totally admit that I had a glow-in-the-dark red popsicle in the afternoon.  I never go camping, so why not?
The fifth and sixth graders came back down the mountain with me and the assistant principal after dinner:
The older kids got back after school today, so I haven't heard from the teachers how the rest of the trip went yet.

Stay cool!


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