Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last Minute Shopping!

Hey guys!

So as I count down my final few days before I have to "report for duty"  I've been trying to fit in as much fun stuff as I can.  Yesterday I gave myself a purple pedicure, complete with a foot soak and scrub, and today I hit one of my favorite second hands stores.  I don't make it over there all that often anymore, although I used to live right down the street, so it was a special treat!  I tried on a few things, but only walked away with one clothing item I liked:

A-line button front skirt from RW & Co, size 6.  I liked the patch pockets and the great pink lining.  The skirt cost $3.

The fabric is a wool-blend tweed in black, white, and hot pink.  I love the subtle color and already have outfits planned with this one!

I also picked up two giant mugs for half price.  I loved the multicolored polka dots and the colorful interiors (one pink- for me!- and one orange- for Hubby, by default).  They are the perfect size to fill with piping hot soup or stew on a cold, rainy night.  The mugs were $1 each.
I think I must have really been channeling winter weather today between the wool skirt and the visions of hot soup! 
Stay cool!

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