Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend OOTD

Good morning, guys!

It is a blustery, windy day here- which I love!  I thought I would post a quick Outfit of the Day that I didn't have time to put up yesterday.

This is what I wore for going out to a late lunch with my husband's father's family on Sunday:

-Black grommet shirt with drapy neckline from Banana Republic
-Jeans from the Gap
-3-inch Franco Sarto black strappy heels (a birthday gift to myself several years ago)
-Silver hoop earrings

  The family was celebrating his grandparent's wedding anniversary as well as his dad's birthday and his aunt's birthday, too.  We went to a little Italian place downtown that his grandparent's love.  I had veggie lasagna and a few bites of the chocolate cake that someone brought- this counted as my Cheat Day for the week.

It was way to hot and humid afterwards to do any wandering around, which is a shame since I LOVE downtown.  It's funky and weird in a great way.  There's the independent book store, the food co-op that had the best granola sold in bulk, the burger joint that sells amazing veggie burgers and cheese fries (and all the burgers have dirty names), the best Goodwill in town where there are always amazing vintage finds, and the chocolate-only place that serves just about anything you've every heard of dipped in dark chocolate.  What can I say?  Going downtown brings out my foodie side and my hippie side.   I don't know where the foodie thing came from since I'm the only one in my family, but I come by my hippie tendencies honestly, having grown up in the Bay Area.

Also, on a side note, I've noticed some interesting things since my veggie experiment.  Over the course of the last week, my skin has broken out, I've been very phlegmy and congested, and I've had terrible stomach pains.  It makes me think that another experiment may be in order!  Maybe vegetarian this week, so that I don't waste any of the food that I bought before I had this thought, and then trying full-on veggie again next week?  I'll have to think about it.

What did you do this weekend?

Stay cool!


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