Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday.  This is my first one that includes both my veggie experiment and meals during the school year.  Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: (9 am)

I don't normally eat so late in the morning, but today was the last day that we got spoiled with breakfast from the kitchen staff at work.  They always feed us breakfast on days when we have to be there and students do not.  Today I had two slices of cantaloupe, two orange slices, and a chocolate doughnut.  So bad, I know, but they're one of my true weaknesses and I'd managed to avoid them all the other days!  No picture, since I ate during a faculty meeting.  I also had a cup of black French roast coffee at home before I left, since the school specializes in the traditional Terrible Teachers' Lounge Coffee.  It's really the only thing that they do poorly, though, so I can't really complain.

Lunch: (Noon)

I had about half a cup of cubed baked teriyaki tofu with a wheat roll and salad topped with HOT peppers.  I thought they were bell peppers, but it turned out that they were some super spicy. 

Afternoon Snack: (4:30 pm)

 A glass of chocolate soy milk to fuel my afternoon weights workout.  Also about four glasses of water since I forgot to fill up my water bottle last night and came home parched!

Dinner: (7 pm)

From Chloe's Kitchen: Falafel sliders with avocado hummus and tahini sauce.  I didn't have any small buns, so I cut big hamburger buns into quarters before I toasted them.  I had two sliders with tomato slices and red onion.  On the side I had a handful of corn chips dipped in the last of the avocado hummus.  Yum!

Evening Snack: (8 pm)

Three spoonfuls of Trader Joe's Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy nondairy ice cream over three sliced strawberries. 

Tomorrow is the first day with students of the year.   I am both nervous and excited.  Wish me luck!

Stay cool!


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