Friday, September 27, 2013

New Diet, Day One

Hey guys!

So after some of my observations during my vegan experiment, I decided to try something totally different to get into better shape before attending an out of town wedding that's coming up fast. 

After getting the book and the cookbook, I'm starting the Dukan diet. It sounds very interesting. I'm not really sure how much I buy into the low carb thing, but I like te structure of the later stages of te diet, which sound downright sensible. Today was day one of my five day Attack phase. I am eating nothing but fat free dairy, poultry and fish, and extras like spices, vinegar, diet soda, and herbs. 

At the end of the day, I can say that I feel pretty good, not funny at all, although I will be happy when I can add more things back in. 

Here's what I ate today:


An egg and two egg whites, scrambles, with turkey bacon, black French roast, and skim milk. 


Canned chicken and fat free cottage cheese with chives. 

Afternoon Snack:

A piece of turkey jerky from Trader Joes and the galette from the Dukan book made with oat bran, nonfat Greek yogurt, and egg white:


I forgot to photograph it, but dinner was a crust less quiche with red onion, chicken, and nutmeg. 


I almost forgot this picture, too!  Nonfat Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia and ground cinnamon. 


Also, Big Boy got a new orthopedic bed today to help with his knee injury that's been bothering him. 

He loves it and it really seems to be helping his knee. Poor cutie!

What did you eat today?


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