Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teacher Tuesday

Hey guys,

So I thought to personalize my blog a little more, I would start sharing a teacher tale every Tuesday. I love my students and they always provide me with loads of funny, touching, anddownright surprising   moments. 

For my very first one, I'm going to start with a classic. My very first teaching assignment was beyond challenging. I took over for a teacher who moved away midway through the year and spent the year in her shadow trying to teach a different subject (math) than I had trained to do. My most difficult group was honors math at the end of the day. They were defiant, overly confident know-it-alls that I had no idea how to handle. One day, after we had gone over the previous day's homework, a girl raised her hand and said that she was still unclear about one of the harder problems. I was just starting to turn around to go back to the book to put the problem back up on the board when one of my most difficult students abruptly stood up and hollered at the top of his lungs, "Do not question Teacher!  Teacher will kick your ass!" And sat back down just as abruptly. The whole class stared and then started cracking up, myself included. Today is probably handle it a little differently, but it was a silly, spontaneous moment that I still remember vividly. 

Have a great night, everyone. I'm off to enjoy my delicious, colorful dinner:

Stay cool!


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