Monday, September 2, 2013

Three Day Weekend!

Hey guys!

So today is Day 3 of the holiday weekend.  Happy Labor Day!  Not only do I have today off, but at my school Wednesday is a half day and Thursday and Friday are off for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).  We always get a lot of days off in the fall because that's when the Jewish high holidays happen.  Since I am not actually Jewish, that just means extra time to myself on those days.  I have a few little projects planned around the house: figuring out how to hang my new picture above the couch since the wall is brick covered in plaster, spray painting a wicker table for the front porch. 

I also want to go get a pedicure.  My poor feet have had a rough time lately.   First there was my ant attack and then I got some mosquito bites when I wore dress sandals to work on Friday.  Thankfully I had tennis shoes and socks in the room, so I changed to cover up my feet.  The school was buzzing with mosquitos at the end of the week.  Being a crafty science teacher, I was dropping them with whiteboard spray.  My little fifth graders thought I was the coolest ever.   I told them, "Just call me Tex."  (As in, "Nice shooting, Tex!"  Get it?)

Friday night was the season opener game for the local college football team.  We get season tickets every year as Hubby's birthday gift.  He loves to go and yell and scream, even though they're not always all that good.  It's still usually a fun experience, though.  This game we got to go with one of Hubby's good friends who had flown in for the game and also the friend's sister, who I really like.  She just moved back to town, and I've been meaning to hang out with her.  We wound up getting rained on for the entire three hours and I woke up with a bit of a cold on Saturday, though.  :-(

Hubby and I were cracking up over this picture:
It looks a lot like trouble (she's half Boston Terrier) and we couldn't help but shudder at all the trouble she would get into with a bird bath.  Trouble is already the reason why we had to take down the humming bird feeder my mom gave us.  Don't ask.  Sigh.
Yesterday we stopped at the mall over on the other side of town after meeting my parents briefly to pick up a car.   (A mechanic friend of my father-in-law is going to do some work on my sister's old car before my parents sell it to my baby cousin.  She's 16 and it's going to be her first car!)  We had lunch (I had a veggie burger and fries) and did some wandering around.  I saw this in the window of a pet shop and thought of my aunt:
It's German for: Little pain in the ass
She has dachshunds, so I kind of wanted to get it for her.  However the place is one of those terrible ones that sells puppies.  Given how strongly I feel about adopting shelter animals instead of buying puppy farm animals, I wouldn't buy so much as a dog tag from that kind of place.  So she will have to settle for a picture on Facebook!
How is your weekend going?  Do you also get today off?
Stay cool!


  1. In my country, Labor Day is on May 1st!
    Enjoy your lovely weekend <3 Heidi | Beauty, Fashion & Life

  2. Great pics! Glad you had a great Labor Day weekend!


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