Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Hey guys!

I'm back.  My school has today and tomorrow off for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.  Among other things, they eat apples and honey "for a sweet new year."  Isn't that nice?

So while most of my students and many of my co-workers are celebrating, I am getting some much needed down time.  I feel like I have been running non-stop for the last month!  The beginning of the school year is always intense- you have to work very hard to get all of your students "trained" before you can relax in class.  This year has been more so, between traveling and trying to help Hubby get ready for his GRE test next month.  I've been taking on a lot more chores and responsibilities to try to give him more study time.  For instance, the deal has always been that I will cook dinner and he will do the dishes.  But lately I've been doing both.  I don't really mind, especially since I feel like he's been very grateful, but it gets kind of tiring.  :-p

Here's one of my favorite old pictures of myself for Throwback Thursday:


 This is was taken during a birthday party with my parents and my then-boyfriend (now husband).  My grandmother couldn't come, but she sent along a beautiful crochet afghan is some of my favorite colors. I still have it.  I'm turning 23 here and was about 20 pounds lighter than I am right now.  I'm working on it!  It's so hard, though, to find time to work out sometimes during the school year.  I've been trying to focus on my diet lately since working out hasn't always been happening.  I was doing great until I got sick!  I'm one of those people that craves comfort food when I'm under the weather, so if anything I seem to gain weight when I'm sick.
Also my hair was significantly shorter at the time.  About chin length or maybe a little longer.  What do you think?  I've been debating the idea of cutting my hair lately.  It's a lot more work to have it longer, and I feel like it's been kind of dry and flat.  Long hair is really tricky when you have fine hair like I do.  Any thoughts??
Happy Thursday and Stay Cool!

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