Sunday, October 6, 2013

End of Illinois trip

Hey guys!

So we had an early breakfast with my parents yesterday before taking a shuttle back into Chicago. We caught a train at te airport to downtown and spent the afternoon with a friend who now lives locally.

My parents, who were the sponsors, lighting the unity candles for the wedding

The view from our hotel room. It was a very old hotel that looked like the one from Ghostbusters!

Beluga wale at the aquarium. 

Also sharks!

A "pirate ship" in the harbor. 

The fountain in the park. 

Chicago seems like a really nice city. I was sorry that our trip was short.  We will have to come back at some point for more exploring. 

Got up rediculously early this morning to catch a seven am flight to the Twin Cities and now I'm waiting on my connection back home. 

At home I need to pick up my babies, who were staying with a friend, get gas and a few groceries, wash a few key pieces of clothing, and generally get ready for the week. Thank goodness tomorrow is grading day so I don't have students!  I suspect I am going to be tired. 

Hubby is not traveling back with me today. He picked up a rental car at the airport and is driving on to indiana university and then to Ohio State to meet with both MBA programs. He will be coming home on Tuesday. I always miss him when he travels, but try to focus on the positives of some alone time, like getting the remote control all to myself. I think a netflix marathon is in order!

Stay cool!


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