Friday, October 18, 2013

Half a What I Ate...

Hey guys!

So I completely forgot about what I are Wednesday yesterday. I think I need to put a reminder in my phone or something now that I'm so busy at work!  Then I tried to do it today, which only worked for the first part of today since today is crazy crazy with parent conferences. So here's what I got and I'll try to make it up with a lunch and a dinner post very soon!

Breakfast was two whole wheat toaster waffles with a tiny bit of light butter and real maple syrup. Served wth two slices of turkey bacon and skim milk and orange juice. I also had a mug of black coffee in the car and threw a banana in my bag to finish off my meal. 

Morning Snack at my desk during a planing period. A fat free yogurt with a small apple. Also you can see my now-empty coffee mug in the background. 

Now off to have some parent conferences. 

Stay cool!



  1. I am obsessed with apples. Do you go apple picking at all? Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!


    1. We try to road trip out to this big apple farm at least once every fall. Apples by the bushel and homemade pie that's simply to die for!


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