Thursday, October 3, 2013

Healthy Travel Trips

Hey guys,

So traveling is always fun, but it can totally derail all of your good habits and hard work if you aren't careful. Exercise and eating well can both be a major challenge when you're away from home. Here are a few of my secrets for keeping on track while you're out having fun:

Tip 1:

Pack healthy snacks. I brought a big zip bag with oatmeal packets, turkey jerky, whole wheat pretzles, dried cherries, and Special K cereal bars. I'm actually eating oatmeal as I type this. Our room has a microwave, but I've also used a coffee maker to get hot water for oatmeal before. Just knowing you have food can prevent poor choices made out of hunger. 

Tip 2:

Drink, drink, drink. Just make sure it's water!  I always make sure to bring along a big reusable bottle when I travel. If there's flying involved, I put the empty bottle in my carry on and then fill it up at a drinking fountain after the security check. Drinking water keeps you regular, helps your skin, and promotes good sleep. Plus feelings if thirst are often mistaken for hunger so drinking enoughr throughout the day can actually help you stay on track with your diet!

Tip 3:

Walk!  We avoided renting a car and intend to walk everywhere for the next few days. This saves money on our trip and is also super healthy. Have you ever noticed that the more pedestrian friendly an area is, the skinnier it's residents tend to be?  It's the walking!  Walking burns calories, is distressing, is great for your heart, and if you make sure to stand up straight and take long strides it's also a great workout for your legs, butt, and abs. 

Tip 3:

Do it yourself. Carry your own bag instead of having a porter or a bellhop help you. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator. Make your own bed and then do some stretches and sit-ups on top of the comforter. 

How do you stay healthy while traveling?


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