Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey guys!

So I've been frantically working in sub plans at work toget ready for this, but here we are in Illinois!  It was so hard to prep with short week after short week. Yesterday my MIL kindly drove us tothe airport at six am, where we flew to Salt Lake City for a brisk dash across the entire airport to catch our connecting flight and landed in Chicago at around four local time.

 We bussed out to Rockford, and had dinner at a really adorable folksy restaurant last night. Hubby had fried chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes. His gravy was so good!!  I had chicken pot pie. Between the busy travel schedule and everything we hadn't had a lot to eat all day so it was extra nice to get some food!

We laid in bed and watched reruns of American Pickers last night and then went to bed pretty late, even though it still felt pretty early because of the time difference. 

Since yesterday was What I Ate Wednesday, here's a rundown, sans pictures because I was either to busy or to hungry to stop and take them!

Breakfast: (6:30 am)
A small nonfat latte from an airport stand and a handful of dried sweet cherries from the stash in my suitcase waiting on our first flight. It felt to early to really eat anything.

Midday Snack: (about one, I think)

 Two of those yummy wafer cookies that Delta serves on flights and cranberry juice. Also about half a bottle of water. It's so east to get dehydrated while flying!

Dinner: (6 local time)

A spoonful of cottage cheese and half a slice of homemade bread (either butter top or potato bread) with a thin layer of butter. Also a full serving of made from scratch chicken pot pie (chicken, potatoes, celery, peas, carrots, and gravy  all topped with a sheet of flaky crust and baked. Three spoonfuls of hubby's mashed potatoes and gravy. I need to try to recreate that sage gravy!

Evening snack: (nine local time)

A handful of Doritos while watching tv. Not exactly healthy but it sounded really good!

What did you eat today?


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