Thursday, November 14, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Here's what I are today:

Breakfast: my healthy version of a breakfast sandwich. Egg white, low fat cheese, whole wheat English muffin, and a vegetarian sausage patty. I like the Morningstar Farms ones. Served with milk, OJ, and black French roast coffee. 

Lunch: chili with salsa, low far sour cream, low far cheddar, and avocado. Served with a handful of corn chips. 

Afternoon snack: I hate to say "after school snack"-it makes me feel like a little kid!  But truthfully I do have a snack when I get home from the school most afternoons. An apple and a yogurt. 

Dinner: homemade oven fries with a portobello burger on a whole wheat bun with mixed greens and low fat Swiss. 

Also, today I am grateful for the sanctuary of home. It's so lovely to come home to the amazing quiet , peace, and stillness of our little nest. I'm so lucky!

Stay cool!


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