Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Finds!

Hey guys!

So I don't normally do a lot of shopping in Black Friday- there's not much that's worth the insanity in my book. But I did go out a little bit, mostly to support my baby cousin who is working her first job in retail this year. And I got a few deals online, too.  After not buying any big items in a few years, I invested in a few foundation pieces as well as some fun items.  Here's my haul:

Two red and white placemats for $5 total for the kitchen island. Originally $17 each. 

Pleather biker jacket. More than half off. So cute!

Two fun tops from The Gap. Both half off. 

Tan cashmere cardigan and black pencil skirt in thick, textures cotton from J Crew. Both 30% off. And they NEVER have sales!

Black leather riding boots from Banana Republic. Very cute and classic!  They're a little tight on the calves, but I think I can make them work if I keep up with my exercise and diet plan. 

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