Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Hey guys!

What a fun day yesterday. I feel very spoiled and loved.

Christmas Day outfit:  new sweater from New York and Co with skinny jeans and boots. Also gifted jewelry:

Tree pin from students. 

Pandora style bracelet from a coworker last year. 

Santa visited the puppies:

Big Boy got a scooby doo ball, a fuzzy dog, and turkey heart biscuits. 

Trouble got two loofa dogs, a rawhide, and a a pink parka. Now we are TOTALLY not the type to dress the dog, but she has no fur and actually really loves her coats!

The gifts I got seem to fall into two categories:

Kitchen Stuff:

Casserole dish, travel mug, pot holders, and dish towels from my Secret Santa. 

A better view of the casserole dish, plus baking sheets and tea kettle from my inlaws, and cast iron pot and giant skillet from Hubby.

Snuggly Stuff:

New flannel sheets from my inlaws, PINK sweats and tee from hubby, fuzzy slippers from Secret Santa, sweat suit and tee from Hubby for running. 

I also got a gift card for Banana Republic from my Secret Santa on the other side of the family. Since they have such a great sale the day after Christmas every year:

So I also used my rewards and some cash, but I got a black turtleneck sweater, magenta cardigan, two button up tops: one red, one navy, a silky pintucked top, a warm pair of plaid work slacks, and a navy corduroy skirt. Very exciting!  I've definately set on work clothes for a long time. :-)

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