Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hey guys!

I've been hard at work putting up decorations this week. Here's what our house looks like so far:

A pine scented candle to make out fake tree seem more authentic!

The puppies each have a stocking.

Our stockings- Hubby's says nice on one side and naughty on the other, but I have to hang up the naughty side if I want them all to point the same way!

Hubby's grandma made the garland. I think it's supposed to go on a fireplace mantle but we don't have one!

A snowman nutcracker in honor of my late grandma- she collected them and had over 100 big ones when she passed away. 

An adorable pengine- also from his grandma. She loves Christmas!

This is the infamous back door Santa. Another gift from his Nana, Santas booty opens up in a hilariously inappropriate way so that you can stick a candle up his butt. We are both way to immature for this one!

Hand painted hurricane glass from his mom- so pretty!  I love hurricane glasses so this was a really thoughtful gift. 

This stocking/boot/? used to belong to my grandma. I'm assuming she made it, but I have no idea what it's origin or story is. I remember it always being filled with the shiny, thread wrapped ornaments that you can't find anymore. 

I've also been putting up lights outside so I promise more pictures soon!


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