Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Hey guys!

Here's what I ate today:

Cinnamon oatmeal with half a sliced banana and extra cinnamon. Served with a glass of low fat milk and black French roast coffee.  I also had a shot of OJ because Hubby has been sick and I'm totally germ-phobic. What can I say?  It's an occupational hazard for teachers!

Also check out my new placemats!

Lunch: A rare lunch out!  I was downtown for jury duty- more on that later- so I grabbed a tuna sub with wheat bread and loads of veggies during lunch break. I also got a ba of bake chips and a diet lemonade, which is unusual for me, but I was super hungry. 

Afternoon snack: half a cup of red grapes and a 90 calorie chocolate chip granola bar. No pic, sorry!

Dinner: tacos made with lean groud turkey using the recipe in Skinny Girl Dish with low fat sour cream, salsa, and light cheddar. Served in weird tortilla boats. I got a pack for free with a coupon a while back. 

No dessert tonight. I'm working on saving treats for my cheat day- it's really helping!

Also, I'm going to be serving on a jury for about the next week. It's kind of exciting, but I'm also bummed about missing my kiddos at work. Like any juror, I can't talk about it at all while it's going on, but I'll do a post next week about my experience after it's over. 

What did you eat today?

Stay cool!


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