Sunday, February 16, 2014

(Belated) Fashion Friday

Hey guys!

Here's a Fashion Friday update:

Here I am wearing my birthday pin from my mom. Isn't it cute?  She bought it at a craft fair. It's handmade out of felted wool. Paired with my navy wool velvet trimmed cardigan from Banana Republic and navy and silver pinstriped blouse from New York and Co.  The blouse has metallic silver buttons and cool ruffled details on the sides. I'm also wearing my black wool circle skirt from Mossimo although you can't see it in the picture.  This was taken on the last day of chilly weather last week. On Friday I was actually regretting wearing pantyhose because it was already too warm for them!  I might have to break out the sandals and summer linens soon if this weather keeps up!

I wound up swapping out the shoes for black pumps, but here I am wearing my Ann Klein nude pumps with my graphic print wrap dress from New York and Co. with my new fuscia wool cardigan with gold buttons from Banana Republic. I'm also wearing a strand of beads that were a birthday present from my husband's aunt and uncle. Here's a better picture of them:

I wore my high school letterman jacket over top of the outfit because this week was spirit week for sports day. 

I know lots of teachers who like spirit week but I HATE it. It's like a whole week of Halloween costumes and all the headaches that go with that in a classroom. :-p

What have you been wearing?


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