Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rodeo Break Shopping

Hey guys!

So I actually had Thursday and Friday off this week for Rodeo Break. There really is a big rodeo here right now. As I never actually GO to the rodeo I spent my free time doing some shockingly early spring cleaning and shopping with gift cards from my birthday and Christmas. Here's what I got:

Primroses for the porch. 

Lantanas to replace a bush that died. 

Bogavilla for the side of the house- love the hot pink!

And a geranium for the front porch. I LOVE the smell of the flowers. My grandma used to grow them when I was little. 

A sun tea pitcher that looks like a giant mason jar.  This seems to be such an old fashioned thing that no one does anymore but I do this all the time during the summer, ideally with lemon slices, raspberries, or mint leaves mixed in with the tea. 

Two wall scones with candles for either side of the tv cabinet. 

Two pairs of pj pants to match tops I already had but had worn out the pervious pants for. 

The color is a little hard to see here, but dark peach ballet flats. 

A navy skirt for work in a cool, nubby fabric. Given how mild the weather had been, I might not get a chance to wear this until NEXT winter. It's very warm!

A fun, drapey top that seems like something to throw on after a yoga class. 

And FREE silver Nina heels. That's right: on clearance for $10 and armed with a $10 reward card. WHOOT!

We also went to visit my parents and my dad helped us do our taxes. I bought curtain rods to fit our odd corner windows while I was there but they came without screws so they won't go up until tomorrow. My mom also gave us a handmedown rug while we were there:

Here's Trouble investigating the new rug!

Also we took Big Boy to a specialist on Thursday and found out that he is going to need surgery on the knee that's been bothering him. Poor guy!  It won't happen for a few more weeks but I really, really hope it helps him feel better than he had been. I miss my carefree, pain free puppy. :-(

What are you doing this weekend?

Stay cool!

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