Friday, April 25, 2014

College Trip

Hey everyone!

Here are some shots of our trip to visit the school Hubby got into:

The view from our hotel room. 

Old Chapel in the middle of the campus. 

The campus is very woody. 

Campus observatory. It didn't look like it was functional any more but it's still a really cool building. 

There were little plaques showing where a tree had been planted by each graduating class. Also giant squirrels!

And gargoyles!

The flowers were blooming for spring. 

Here we are at the front gates to the campus. 

Downtown is very pretty. It almost looks like a movie set!

Old fashioned movie theater.

More flowers blooming. So pretty!

The local biking/walking trail that runs through the middle of town. 

Check out the fake palm trees at the only Mexican food joint in town. Toto, I don't think the we are in Kansas anymore!

Doesn't this place look like it would be haunted?!?

It rained the day we left and actually snowed that night. Sooooooo different than what we are used to here!

We have a big decision to make very soon. Stay tuned!


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