Friday, April 11, 2014

My $75 Bathroom Make Over!

Hey guys!

Here's how I spruced up a very tired looking bathroom for under $100 using a combination of new and repurposed items that I already had around the house.  

Here's the overall look. I replaced the blue that had been in here (and clashing with the cabinets) with a deep red, almost a wine or burgundy shade. I think it looks great and forces the green cabinets back into being a neutral instead of taking over. 

The shower curtain and rugs were ordered from Amazon. I was SO excited that they matched!  Shopping online can be stressful since you never quite know what you're going to get. 

Embroidery and sequins on the shower curtain. 

This is over the back of the toilet. The print is an inexpensive canvas from Ross (less than $10) and the shelf is a hand-me-down that was actually made by one of my uncles!  The fish is my husband's. It was hand made by a glass blower at the Renaissance Fair years ago. We actually got to watch him make it and Hubby even picked out the colors!  The recycled glass votive candle holder came from Target- I paid $2 for it. It feels very heavy and solid, which I like. I would also like to point out my mad shelf hanging skills. I did this all by myself and it's both level and centered!  Not bad, especially considering I had never hung a shelf before!

I texted this pic to my mom to show her what I could do with the pegs on the shelf. She didn't think I was funny. Good thing it was just a joke!

I bought the frames at Ross for $6 each. They came with the picture mats that you see. In them are paint-by-numbers that I did when I was ten. They're were in one of the boxes of old stuff from my parents and I decided to turn clutter into decoration!  

I also repurposed this wicker basket to corral all of our bathroom counter clutter. It used to hold DVDs in my tiny college apartment and had since sat empty on top of a shelf collecting dust. Now it's useful again!

Here's the old look with the blue. 

What do you think?


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