Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moving Shopping!

Hey guys!

Everything has been super crazy as we are prepping for our move. My classroom is basically sitting in the spare room and there are boxes in every corner. We've also sold a lot of furniture that isn't going with us. I had an early release day today thanks to finals and I picked up two things for when we get to the Midwest:

A "going out" skirt in black mesh with matte gold sequins arranged in a beautiful pattern and a short waterproof jacket with a Mandarin collar. I picked both of them up at New York and Co for less than $40 on final clearance. 

The skirt is for fun events with the MBA program's Partners Club, made up of spouses and partners of students. They do a lot of different things and I'm looking forward to hanging out with them!

The jacket is for the weather- much more unpredictable than here in the desert!  However given how hot it's getting here, I'm looking forward to the change. 

Stay cool!


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