Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Update a Chair

Hey Guys!

We are moving cross country in three weeks!!!  After five years in our current location, we've been doing a LOT of editing of our stuff. So far we've had two yard sales, about 5 giant trips to goodwill, and two piles of boxes for our mommies, who have both graciously agreed to store some things for two years while Hubby is completing his MBA. 

Because I know where we are headed, having visited the apartment building and seen the layout of our apartment, editing has been pretty easy for the most part. If it's not part of the end picture in my mind, then it's either gone or been stored. Even clothing has been easy, just cleaning out the backs of drawers eliminated a lot of old stuff that's now that much less to move.

 Here's one thing I was on the fence about:

This chair is a handmedown from my late grandma. She actually went dumpster diving for it, which was very, very her!  I sold the desk that it's always sat at, so was thinking about getting rid of the chair too. But it's got great lines and had such a cool backstory that I decided to keep and update it instead. 

I'd recovered the seat when my grandma first gave it to me (underneath are purple and green cabbage roses!) but hadn't done anything to it since. The light colored fabric was turning blue from so many pairs of jeans sliding across it, and I decided that some paint was in order, too, to get rid of the dated forest green:

I decided on a monochromatic look. Flat black paint with a black and white geometric print for the seat. 

The fabric was pretty nerve wracking. It needed to be very carefully centered to make sure it was both straight and symetrical. I love the finished look. This is going into the dressing area in the master suite in the apartment along with a little wicker table. 

What do you think?


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