Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fashion Friday

Hey guys!

I've been meaning to post some outfit photos but have just been too buy to sit down and make it happen. Thank goodness for three day weekends!

Here's my new Soho Loft dress that I picked up, new with tags, at Goodwill over the summer. It came with belt loops but no belt so I added myturquoise patent leather belt I got on clearance at Banana Republic last summer. I wore this with my new super comfy wedges

Here's a quick just out of the shower shot of my casual Friday outfit. I wore an aqua polo picked up at Express years ago layered with a pink tank from Target and my new Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy. They're soft and stretchy so they make great work jeans- not overly stiff. I added hair and makeup and my aqua Converse sneakers to this look. 

I also like this picture because I think my weight loss is really starting to show!

Here's something else great:

The belt that I wore with my outfit went in another notch!

stay cool!


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