Sunday, September 28, 2014

Target Stock Up Trip

Hey guys!

I've had several busy weekends in a row and haven't been able to run a lot of errands until yesterday. My Target list was  HUGE!  A lot of it was boring stuff like toilet bowl cleaner, but I also go a few things to go with my fall wardrobe stock up trip earlier in the week:

Two pairs of super soft Metona socks on clearance for 70% off- only 90 cents each!  I also got a new bottle of facial lotion with sunscreen. I wear this under my makeup every day. You can't be too careful!  Also a clarifying green clay mask and a pack of hair clips to help keep my newly short hair out of my face when I'm cooking, working out, washing my face, etc.  I also got two pairs of opaque blak tights on clearance for 70% off. They'll be   GREAT with work looks this winter. I always look for opaque black tights for winter. Not only are they thicker, and therefore warmer, but they're also very slimming and flattering for any leg shape. 

Some refills of work makeup: Rimmel of London eyeliner pencil, Revlon eyeshadow in Brown Tones (boring name, but a great pair of nudes), Rimmel of London No Shine pressed powder in Creamy Natural. I also replaced a white v-neck tee that had gotten stained and a black tank that had gotten faded after one too many washes. They were buy one get one half off which is a nice bonus. I use these under sweaters and work tops for layers. 


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