Monday, October 6, 2014

New Winter Coat

Hey guys,

So we are nowhere near ready for winter coats here, but I picked up a new winter coat on final clearance:

Burgundy felt double breasted pea coat with a double pocket detail on the right side. It's soft and warm and also has a very cute fit. 

Coldwater Creek was going out of business over the summer and I couldn't resist going to check out their final clearance. They also had a lot of really nice sweaters, but they weren't anywhere near as good of a deal as this coat- it was only $28!

I now have three winter coats in total. I think it's taken me about 7 years to collect them. I'm definately a slow and steady kind of wardrobe builder. It's such a luxury to not have to wear the same coat everyday all winter long!

What are you wearing for colder weather?

Stay cool!


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