Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Goodies

Hey guys!

Hubby, the pups, and I took a few days to visit my family for Christmas. We wound up cutting our visit short because Hubby came down with a pretty nasty cold. Now we are back at home and had Hubby's parents over for dinner tonight. 

Here are some of my gifts:

Fuzzy slippers, skinny velvet hangers, cool grabby potholders, a delicious Yankee Candle Co. candle called Kitchen Spice, silicone tongs, and a gift card for Banana Republic (Yay!)

I also got a blender, more potholders, and a pretty floral music box with a scented bar of soap inside. 

Hubby gave me a beautiful infinity scarf that will be showing up in a OOTD soon. :-)

Stay cool!


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