Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm Back!

Hey guys!

I'm back after surviving the last week of school and a nasty weekend bout of stomach flu. How much does it stink to kick off two weeks of freedom like that?  Yuck!
Today I'm curled up on the couch with a bottle of Gatorade recoverin my strength. Hubby has to work today and tomorrow and then we are going to go spend a few days with my parents for Christmas. 

I thought I would show you want I gave and got playing Secret Snowflake at work this last week. I love doing things like this!

Here's what I gave:

Day One: a snowman stuffed animal and a Santa pen with an attached sticky note pad in a blue bag. 

Day Two: a Christmas tree mini lunchbox with a bag of cashews inside. 

Day Three: a popcorn box with a bag of Indiana Popcorn. 

Day Four: a holiday coffee mug and a box of holiday chai tea. 

Day Five: 

She asked for school supplies, so I wrapped boxes of pencils, sticky notes, grading pens, etc. 

Now for my Secret Snowflake:

Day One:

A bag of Starbucks House Blend coffee. 

Day Two:

A big box of M&Ms and fuzzy, leopard-print slipper socks. 

Day Three:
Mint-filled dark chocolate by Ghirardelli. 

Day Four:

Two skeins of chunky pink yarn. 

Day Five:

A Sheldon bobble head. How cute it he!?!

Stay cool and Happy Holidays!


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