Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Germany is COLD

Hey guys!

So as we are prepping for our scary-close move (movers are coming TOMORROW!) I've made the alarming realization that Germany is going to be significantly colder that what we are used to here in the American Southwest. It was warmer last week than Bavaria is going to be at the height of summer!  So I've been scrambling to assemble winter wardrobes for both me and hubby. Being a manly, tough it out guy Hubby was especially in dire need of warmer clothes. The timing is perfect- all of the end-of-season clearance is going on so we loaded him up at Target with sweaters, wool socks, thermal tops, hats, gloves, scarves, and everything else I could think of. I already have a few warm coats and wool sweaters since I dress up for work but I did treat myself to a few things:

Gloves at 70% off means I get more than one color!  Hubby thought I was a little nuts here, but they'll get dirty and wet so this way I'll always have backups!

Tall, fuzzy slippers and two pairs of wool boot socks. The slippers are actually from the grocery store but were 75% off! I like that they are tall and will keep my ankles warm. 

Heather blue long sleeved top and a purple and ivory striped Henley. I also found a turtleneck fleece top in a lovely shade of teal. 

Ivory and gravy plaid flannel top and a flared ivory thermal top. 

White thermal top, black jersey top with big cuffs and hem that make it look like an old-school sweatshirt, and another Henley in plain black. 

Olive green sweatsuit with pretty screen printing. 

My only online shopping: pale green chords, gray skinny jeans, and black chords all on clearance from the Gap. Also a navy and ivory striped wool sweater. Very soft and warm!

I think I am ready. This will be a far cry from tiny shorts, flip flops, and tank tops! I'm used to worrying about being cool enough and now I will need to worry about not freezing!  Wish me luck as I learn!

Stay cool!


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  1. Its sooooo cool that you are going to Germany! I live in Michigan and I hate it soooo much.



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