Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Germany House!

Hey guys,

We have officially moved in!  Hubby picked out the rental house before I got here. We moved in last Monday, which was especially nice because the dogs were getting pretty restless in Hubby's temporary quarters (a small space that was a lot like a long-term hotel.)  Our stuff was delivered on Wednesday.  It was both strange and magical to get back everything we had both done without for three months!  I've spent the last few days unpacking boxes and organizing shrunks (German wardrobes that stand in for closets here).  Here is how the house is shaping up:

Here's our adorable little kitchen.  It was so gratifying to get back all my pots and pans and dishes.  Now I can start cooking proper meals again!  At least once I master my new, strange German appliances.  Who knew that they would be so different from the States?!? 

The kitchen has a little eat-in area that fits our table and chairs perfectly.  This is our only eating area right now, but there is a dining room connect to the living room where I am hoping to eventually put a more formal table and chairs.

The puppies have their own little room upstairs.  I'm not a huge fan of the blue carpet, but we'll manage.

Here's the office.  Unfortunately the drawers broke on the big filing cabinet in the background during the move.  It has all my school files so naturally it weighs a ton!

This little sitting room leads into the master bedroom.  It's a nice, cheerful space where I anticipate doing a lot of reading on rainy days.

Here's the giant master bedroom.  Again, I'm not thrilled with the blue carpet, but at least the rug that was in our dining room back in the States covers up a decent chunk of it. 

The rocking chair and side table belong to our landlord.  Hubby really, really likes the chair.  I'm surprised by how often he's rocking away in it!

Here's the guest room.  There's a giant shrunk in here where I am storing my clothes since there is not a lot of storage space in the master bedroom.

Back downstairs, here's the living room.  The rugs you see downstairs were all left by the landlord.  Big Boy is super grateful- the entire downstairs is tile and he HATES slipping on tile.

What do you think so far?  There's still some work to be done, but it is starting to look and feel more like home!

Stay cool!



  1. Wow I love your house! It's super cute and cozy! I can't imagine moving from the US to Europe... what a wonderful adventure! I'm moving to Boise, ID and I'm so excited to get to a new place and make it my own! Best of luck! :)

    Bri Sul

    1. Thank you, Bri! Moving has been both exciting and scary. We were lucky to have relocation services from Hubby's job. They took care of the packing and moving, booked plane ticketd, helped us find a place to live, and generally made our lives easier through everything. It was still like a three month process though!



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