Thursday, June 4, 2015

Moving In!

Hey guys!

So on Monday we moved into our rental house and our furniture was delivered yesterday. Its so strange to have back all the things I have done without for more than three months!  Its a bit like Christmas- opening boxes and not knowing what I'll find inside.  Hubby kept laughing at me as I ran around hollering things like, "Look! A chair!  I have a chair back!". He was almost as excited as I was though. The puppies were super excited to see the couch and their regular, non -travel crates. I promise pictures soon once we are finished unpacking. For now, here are a few teaser pictures:

The yard is really pretty!

A lovely view from upstairs. 

Hubby celebrating our couch. 

Big Boy practicing on the stairs. We were both super worried about him and stairs since he is so timid and normally won't even attempt them, but he's becoming a champ. We've even taken to calling him the "Stair MASTER" like Donkey from Shrek. 

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