Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pizza Party

Hey guys!

So since we have moved to a new town, Hubby and I are trying out the handful of restaurants that we can find. He's pretty busy during the week, so our goal is to try a new one each Friday night. Here's our first one.

We went to the only Italian place in town last Friday. There are also two German restaurants (not surprising!), a Greek place, and a hotel that serves Austrian food. I have NO idea what the difference between German and Austrian food is, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

It was pretty warm, so we got a salad to split. The salad was probably my favorite part, although everything was delicious and its hard to decide!  It was mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, garlic croitons, real basalmic vinegar, and what the menu described as cheese filled potato pockets. They were sort of like fried hush puppies (fried cornbread balls) filled with soft, herbed cheese.  Yum!!

Hubby had spaghetti with meat sauce that he said was very good. I went for a small Margarita pizza (tomato sauce and cheese). Normally I'd get some veggies, but at the last pizza place I learned the lesson that a lot of pizza toppings are "lost in translation" as Hubby put it. (I ordered a mushroom and pepper pizza and got canned squiggly mushrooms and banana peppers.  Not exactly what I had in mind!) The new place struck me as a lot more authentically Italian, though, so maybe I will be braver next time. 

Even so, the crust was chewy, the sauce was flavorful without being super spicy or sour, and the cheese was tasty in a way that makes me think it was very good quality cheese. 

Since we walked, Hubby and I both had a grown up drink (!)
He had some sort of Heffewizen (light beer that I've probably spelled incorrectly) and I had a really good red wine: sweet and tangy, although I cannot remember what it was called. And, no, not from too much wine, just because I was flustered because the waiter (owner?) spoke absolutely no English and so I just pointed to something on the wine list. 

This Friday, I'm thinking German food.

Stay stylish!


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