Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekend Trip

Hey guys!

Now that we are firmly established in Germany, Hubby and I are making sure we live up to one of the agreements we made before we came here: to enjoy the experience to the fullest!  Our goal is so travel each weekend. This past weekend, we kept it kind of close to home, since we were pretty tired from unpacking. Located about 20 minutes away (in the opposite direction of Hubby's work) is the closest big(ger) city to where we are living.

On our way!  I was trying to get a shot of the church spier in one of the little towns we passed. You see a lot of these with giant, elaborate bulbs on top. They look Russian inspired to my untrained eye, but who knows!

The really cool sign for a beer brewer. 

There were a bunch of flower shops. A lot of them were selling hydrangeas, which I adore. My bridesmaids had them in their bouquets when we got married. 

I love all of the old architecture in the bigger towns. I think the date on this building was 1606. 

A statue of one of the kings of Bavaria, which was actually an independent country until around World War I. 

The gardens behind Town Hall. 

So pretty and so different from back home!

An upward view of the trees. 

Crumbling statues in the middle of the lake. 

A better kept horse statue. 

Everything was beautiful and in bloom. 


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