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Paris Day 6- The Louvre and Notre Dam

Hey guys!

Day six of our AMAZING Paris anniversary trip was spent taking further advantage of our two day Paris Museum Passes.  The first day we went to Versailles, The Pantheon, and the top of the Arc de Triomphe.  The second day, we spent our morning at the Louvre Museum  and hit up Notre Dam, including a tour of the bell towers.

Even though we already had our tickets, we made sure to get there before the museum opened and were around the tenth people in line.  I HIGHLY recommend getting to the Louvre as early as possible- the entrance lines were crazy by the time we left a lunch time!

As a side note, despite an art history course in college, I'm by no means an expert on art or art history.  As we went through the museum, I basically took pictures of what jumped out at me.  I'm including names where I remember them, but this is not intended in any way as a comprehensive tour of the Louvre.

Hubby really wanted to see the Mona Lisa first, so we engaged in a Da Vinci Code-style race through the museum as soon as it opened.

Here he is looking a bit shocked at how small, dark, and underwhelming it really is. 

Here I am, kind of laughing because its even smaller than I remembered.

The Winged Victory statue.

The Venus de Milo, minus her arms- poor thing!

Athena, Goddess of Knowledge.  She was smart enough to hang onto her arms and her head!

I loved the amazingly detailed draping of the toga on this one, although I forget her name.

A small sphinx. 

Statue of an Ancient Egyptian God also in the Egyptian Antiquities section of the museum.

A random pair of feet.  I think these were also Ancient Egyptian, but I'm not sure.

A lion with a friendly face that reminded me of the Friendly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.  I think we'd moved on into Asian Antiquities at this point, but I wasn't taking notes and was simply walking for pleasure.

Isn't she lovely?  The expression on her face looks like a classic teenage "Well, DUH!" expression that cracked me up.

Napoleon crowning Josephine.  Although I hadn't really heard of or seen this painting before, it was wildly popular with a huge crowd gathered around and also on more than a few souvenir offerings here and other locations in Paris.  You can get an idea of how huge this one was by looking at the little girl standing in front of it.

I don't know the name of this statue or the artist, but I though she was so very lovely silhouetted in front of the window.  This was one of my better pictures- check out the famous Pyramid outside the window!

I seemed to have a thing for lions when we were at the museum!

Noble women cheating at cards.  I though this was a hilarious painting!

 Possibly my very best photograph of the entire trip, taken from an upper window of the Louvre of the courtyard and Pyramid below.

After lunch, we continued on to Notre Dam.  Here's a shot of one of the famed Rose Windows.

A nave in the back of the building with a beautiful gold and navy ceiling.  Maybe this is random, but this would look awesome in a bathroom!

Picture of some of the interior arches helping to hold up the massive weight of the stone above.

The center of the church with a beautiful old chandelier overhead.

The view of the side of Notre Dam looking up with an arched window and several of the gargoyle water spouts.  I took this while we were waiting in line for the bell tower tour, courtesy of our Museum Passes.  I'd never done this before and it was really cool despite the fact that we had to go up another massive flight of narrow, scary stairs.

A gargoyle at the top of Notre Dam checking out the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Three buddies hanging out.

One of the actual bells of Notre Dam. 

Close up of the Eiffel Tower and the golden dome of Napoleon's Tomb from the top of Notre Dam.  How cool is this?!?

Another gargoyle.

Gargoyle and another church.

One of the many river tour boats passing under a bridge next to Notre Dam.

 One last shot of my favorite Paris landmark.

We had a blast on Day Six, despite both being completely exhausted- which I suspect you can see in our pictures with the Mona List above.  According to an app on Hubby's phone, we walked about ten miles EVERY SINGLE DAY of our trip so we had 50 miles under our belts when this day started.

I managed to take a few OOTD photos in Paris despite our crammed schedule, so I will post those soon, too.

Make sure to comment below.  I love hearing what you have to say!

Stay stylish!


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