Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Friday

Hey guys!

I sort of feel like I should call this "Flannel Friday" because of the two days that I remembered to take a photo of my outfit this week, I happened to be wearing a plaid shirt both times!  As someone who was becoming a teenager just as grunge was on its way out, I have a complicated love-hate relationship with flannel.

Tuesday Outfit

Tuesday was the chilliest day this week, so to stay warm at home I opted for a red plaid flannel shirt from Banana Republic layered over a white v-neck tee.  I'm also wearing my old pair of Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy that will need replacing soon (yes, that is a rip in the right hem that you see), black faux suede boots with faux fur lining, and one of my favorite costume jewelry pieces:

This braided necklace is made up of chains and faux pearls.  I picked it up on final clearance at Old Navy years ago for a mere 97 cents!  I wear it with a lot of work outfits or wherever I need a little pop of something to dress up an outfit and make it more interesting and I always seem to get compliments on it.  

Top: Banana Republic, Tee: Gap, Jeans: Old Navy, Boots: So (Kohl's)

Wednesday Outfit

Wednesday was quite a bit warmer, so for running errands and grocery shopping I went with a still plaid but non-flannel button up.  This is also from Banana Republic.  I bought it back in the spring during a clearance sale.  Although I like the blue and white, I'm still struggling with what to do with the odd, longer length of it.  I can't quite decide whether to tuck, layer, or maybe tie it in a knot up at my waist, and seem to spend a lot of time fiddling with it whenever I wear it.  For this outfit, I rolled up the cuffs on my shirt and embellished skinny jeans and lace up ankle boots.

To dress up this outfit, I added a silver medallion necklace on a black cord.  Its from the Renaissance Fair back in Arizona.   The vendor lets you pick the image for each side of the coin and then strikes them into it  using a pulley system and hand carved metal images.  I chose the Ohm from yoga and a turtle for the reverse side.  The Ohm is obvious- I love yoga!- but the turtle needs a little explaining.

During my very first year as a teacher, I was struggling to take over a classroom mid-year and trying to teach math when I'd trained as a science teacher.  I was drowning.  In the midst of all of it, I received the sweetest gift from an elderly teacher down the hall.  He'd visited the local gem and mineral show and got me a small carving of a turtle- to remind me to sometimes stick my neck out and sometimes retreat into my shell.  Isn't that the sweetest?  That turtle has sat on every teacher's desk in every classroom I've ever had.  It's now carefully packed away in my classroom boxes in the basement, waiting for my next desk.  

I have another medallion necklace from the same place that I purchased several years earlier in copper with the Green Man from Celtic mythology and a Celtic knot, both in honor of my Scottish and Irish roots.

Top: Banana Republic, Jeans: Paris Blues (Burlington Coat Factory), Boots: Xhiliration (Target), Necklace: Renaissance Fair

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Stay stylish!


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