Friday, September 18, 2015

Fashion Friday

Hey guys!

This week's Fashion Friday post is going to be rather short.  I've been sick this week with the beginnings of a sinus infection, so I've mostly been staying in and lazing about in sweat pants while I work on recovering.  I really only got out and about on Wednesday for a vet trip for the dogs and some grocery shopping.  Here's what I wore then:

To stay warm without bulky layers for handling two rambunctious dogs that LOVE car rides, I went for my navy and cream striped wool sweater from the Gap.  I bought it back in the spring and it's becoming a real go-to for me this fall.  With it, I wore my new boot cut jeans from Old Navy and my black Pumas.  I love this picture because I think my weight loss is really starting to show!

The v-neck leaves room for a little jewelry, so I opted for my tortoise pearl necklace from Hubby.

Tonight we are going out for Hubby's birthday dinner, so keep an eye out for a Style Saturday update tomorrow!

Stay stylish!


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