Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Bayreuth Road Trip!

Hey guys!

Hubby took the day off on Friday, so we kicked off our long weekend with a trip to Bayreuth, despite it being cold and cloudy.   It’s the nearest bigger city to where we are living in Germany.  In addition to a charming downtown, there’s an amazing array of antique shops, boutiques, independent bookstores, yarn shops, and even an American style mall where I will probably be doing some clothes shopping for the winter weather in a few months.  The PX on Post has a surprisingly nice Men's section for Hubby, but I’ve found the Women's section sadly lacking.  Although, to be fair, I think I’m pretty picky about clothes.  What can I say?  I know what I like!

We were STARVING when we got to Bayreuth at around noon, so we had lunch at a charming Italian place not far from Downtown.  The owner and the waiter were speaking Italian to each other and the menu featured Italian toppings like pepperoni and red peppers, which are almost impossible to find in more Germanized pizza places.

I kept it simple with a small Margarita pizza and a bottle of S. Pellegrino fizzy water.

I've shown pictures of Bayreuth's historic downtown before, but I did take a few additional pictures.  Here are some of the charming older buildings and a modern fountain.  The fountain runs for several blocks and includes interactive water features (mostly for kids, but fun for grown-ups, too!)

There are many shops and cafe style restaurants serving everything from German food to ice cream scattered throughout the downtown area.  You know it's getting colder because many of the outdoor seating areas had blankets on the backs of chairs for chilly customers and the clothing shops have gone from having sun dresses in their window displays to showcasing giant wool coats!

Here's the May pole in the town square, including historical signs advertising local businesses with picture representations that are fun to try to decipher.

One of several historical fountains that we walked by.

We did not eat at this Chinese restaurant (actually it looked closed) but I loved how much seemed to be lost in translation between Chinese, German, and English.  Goldener Drachey indeed!

In Germany, the police are called Polizei and drive green and white vans or smaller Subarus.

We parked at the train station (a great place to find inexpensive parking in most German towns).  The parking lot had a great view of one of the Medieval towers up on the hill.

Make sure to check out and like my road trip video below and let me know in the comments what you think.  What would you like to see in future travel videos?

Stay Stylish!


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